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Our Team

Walt has worked for the Union Pacific, Chicago & North Western,
Iowa, & DMVW railroads. In 1995 Walt quit working for the Railroads
and realized his dream of owning his own company & servicing the
short line industry. He has 30 years of experience servicing
EMD Locomotives, GE Locomotives & GE Industrial Locomotives.

We have established an office in Honey Creek, IA to better serve
our Iowa customers.


Jessup Diesel Inc

Jessup Diesel Inc. is centrally located in Bismarck, ND .
Our service area includes. North Dakota, South Dakota,
Iowa, Minnesota and soon Montana. As the premiere locomotive repair service in our region.



We provide complete and comprehensive on site inspection & repair. Upon completion of inspection you will receive a typed detailed inspection report listing all current defects. After which you receive a phone consultation at which time we will discuss the defects found and we will prioritze the most critical repairs. We never make repairs without prior approval. We will also provide you with a detailed cost estimate of all repairs.


About Walt

Walt is an Iowa native & comes from 5 generations of railroad engineers, brakemen & mechanics. He has been servicing locomotives for 30+ years. He began working on diesel locomotives for the Iowa R.R. Co. with his father at the age of 14. When Walt was away from the Iowa R.R. Co. he was at home doing short line locomotive maintenance & engine component rebuilding in his fathers shop S.S. Jessup Inc. Walt was certified with the BNSF & the C & NW R.R. after receiving training
at their Chicago, IL & Overland Park, KS facilities. Jessup Diesel Inc was formed in Iowa in 1995, and relocated to Bismarck, ND in 2002.